2012 My year in song…..

So 2012 was quite a year!! A year of pain, struggles, grief, enlightenment, personal growth, empowerment and self acceptance! I’ve decided to go through this journey by using songs that I clung to in my darkest times and the times of rising above and beyond myself. In order to see the bigger picture!

I hope it encourages at least 1 person to know that they are not alone!

Broken and defeated:
who knew

outta my mind


Jesus Take the Wheel

I may bend, but never break!

Stand in the Rain

A place of refuge:

put on your headphones

Strong Enough

The words I would say

A time for perspective:
what drives me crazy

The words I would say

You are

Time for a change:

don’t wanna go through the motions

You are more

Remind me who I am

don’t give up

there will come a day

He Said

Your love never fails


Mess of Me

I surrender


Learning to forgive: (this one hurt)!


Awakening: (it’s going to be ok)

I wanna live like that

gotta get outta here

Never Alone

Comfortable in my own Skin:

Hey Hey




To be continued…..


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