Seasoned with tears.

Today was just one of those days when it seemed as though everything that could, went wrong. I was about 1 minute late to my daughters award ceremony, hence missing her receiving her award. Obviously I felt HORRIBLE! And as if that wasn’t enough, she pulled the teen “I’m so disappointed” routine! Oh yeah… know the one! The one that involves the entire world revolving around how they feel and not giving 1 thought to how we may be feeling.

So tonight in the midst of our usual extreme chaos, my 3 year olds spaghetti was salted with tears.

Funny enough my 10 year old son, who never has any empathy for anything he has done to upset me, saw me upset and started sobbing. As sweet as it was, the last thing I needed right then was 1 more crying kid in my house!
My husband came home and disappeared upstairs for at least 30 minutes….must be soooooo nice right? I mean, I would kill for a 5 minute break! Hence my locking the door when I go to the bathroom. Let alone 30 minutes alone! As I type my youngest is spinning in circles as fast as she physically can, my 4 year old is singing and my 2 big kids have gone to their rooms. I’m physically sick over the way my teen is over-reacting! Not to mention how upset I am as it is about missing her award :o(

And for the record, had she not shown me a Pinterest picture of how she wanted her hair….and then got really mad that I didn’t do it the same way it showed in the picture, I wouldn’t have been late. UGH! Being a mom kind of just sucks sometimes! There I said it! You know you all were thinking it!

Until next time…..Laugh or Die Trying!
The doormat of the day!


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